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Microcement Floor and Wall Surface Finishes

Microcement Floor and Wall Finishes


Microcement Fine

Microcement is a very high performance hydrolic micro cement mortar made from calcic cements and marble sands of different grain sizes, aside fom other additives that,  when mixed with the above, furnish it with magnificent physical, chemical and aesthetic properties. Microcement is used to produce a highly decorative, seamless finish that has a cement and mineral like appearance, on floors, walls, bathtubs, sinks etc.

Microcement is also known as micro cement, polished concrete, polished cement & microcemento.

Suggested Uses:

Wall and floor decoration in hotels, offices, business premises and shopping centres, schools and nurseries, hospitals and museums. The product offers magnificent qualities, including:
– The provision of a continuous lining.
– Fire-resistance (due to its mineral nature).
– Breathability (permeable to molecules of water vapour).
– Due to its crystalline structure, it reflects light and heat radiation.
– Aseptic (high alkalinity of 12.5).
– Anti-static.
– Low allergenic levels.
– Excellent aging, due to the action of the CO2 it becomes progressively harder.
– High resistance to rubbing/wear.
– High adhesion.
– High flexibility for a mineral lining.
– Low thermal diffusion.
– In its most basic finishing technique, smooth burnishing, it blends the stylistic contrasts well and does not affect the decorations.

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July 19, 2014


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