Marmorino Breccia / Limestone

Marmorino Breccia / Limestone

Marmorino Breccia / Limestone

This Marmorino Italian plaster has been created to give a natural look and feel to your walls. This plaster can be used in several ways depending on the finish required by the applicator. For example you could finish this Marmorino plaster rustic, distressed or even with a medium sheen, a beautiful natural stone like finish.

An off white colour with the addition of dark and light grey marble chips. This plaster is applied using a Pavan inox trowel in 2 or 3 layers over dry Isol Primer and base coat plaster.

Pack size available : 1kg  6kg 12kg and 25kg

Coverage is approximately 1kg to 1.2 m2

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February 12, 2014


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