The Hobbit Trilogy

Hobbit Trilogy

The Hobbit Trilogy

Lets start off by saying, I love The Lord of the Rings films. They are absolutely my favorite movies of all time, and I think those films are one of the best, if not the best trilogy of all time.

I have been waiting for The Hobbit Trilogy for a very long time, ever since the end of Return of the King. I never understood why it was taking so long and I was worried about it. The thought of Guillermo del Toro potentially directing The Hobbit made me want to shoot myself. I do NOT like his work at all. So when he dropped out and Peter Jackson announced he was directing, I was the happiest guy in the world.

So we have known The Hobbit will be two films for a while now. Right off the back some people may be worried about that. But every single thing will be in the movies, they will not leave any characters out or plot points like they did in The Lord of the Rings. They are also adding a couple characters and bringing back characters. That right there is enough for me to grasp and be thankful for. We wont be watching a rushed film, instead we will be watching two perfectly paced films.

Then a couple days ago Peter Jackson threw us for a loop, when he announced The Hobbit Part 3. Now I was a little worried, not for the films their self. But what the heck is this going to be about? That’s also what a lot of other people are asking too. How is one book going to be three films? I will tell you, I am not making any of this up. All the things I am telling you, all come from Peter Jackson himself, things stated throughout various interviews.

The Hobbit book follows Bilbo and the dwarves only. Gandalf does join them throughout the book, but often leaves. As I understand in the Appendix of The Hobbit, it explains what Gandalf goes and does, I wont spoil anything, but its, enough stuff to be a big chunk of a movie. It wont all be shown at once, but put in how it would be in the book.

Another thing that will be in the film, enough to make a third Hobbit, are private notes Tolkien himself wrote about events in The Hobbit. Now I do not know exactly what these notes contain, nor does anyone else. But it is an additional 100+ pages. So between the Gandalf things and the new things, that should be enough.

Another thing that could be twenty-thirty minutes when translated to film should be that Battle of Five Armies. The battle could be very detailed and be potentially the greatest thing ever!

So those are my thoughts on the whole thing, I’m not worried at all. I have complete faith in Peter Jackson and if anyone can make it work, its him!

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December 14, 2013


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