070 Numbers


1.  What is the Privacy Number Service?




The Privacy Number Service allows advertisers to keep their personal phone number hidden from other users of the website. This is done so that no one can abuse the information held on our system other than for contacting the advertisers regarding their advert. The advertisers phone numbers is replaced with our own 070 number, which when a user calls redirects them to the advertisers personal number
2.How much does the call cost me?






At Brighton Biz we place many private adverts free of charge, in order to continue to do so we make a small amount of revenue from the 070 service that we now offer. This has also been universally welcomed for the privacy that it now offers our Private advertisers. Calls to privacy numbers are charged at 37.5p per minute at peak times, falling to 25p per minute in the evenings and just 12.5p per minute at the weekends (BT landline customers). If you are not with BT, calls will be charged at your own operators rate. Calls from mobiles will vary depending on the rate charged by your operator.
3.Do I have to pay for the Privacy Number Service?


Besides paying for the actual call to the Privacy Number there are no other charges.