Weight Loss Programme

  • November 14, 2013 2:54 pm



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    Weight Loss Programme


    You won’t be surprised to find out that the most common New Year’s resolution as we entered 2013 was to do more exercise and eat healthier. With this in mind I have decided to give you a little helping hand by running a series of group hypnotherapy sessions.
    Losing weight, maintaining a regular exercise programme and making the right nutritional choices is no mean feat. It’s also a lot to tackle in one go, making the chances of you giving up even greater. It can leave you feeling that you have failed, damage self-esteem and as a result of the emotional stress you could even end up gaining more weight than when you started. Feelings of isolation and that you are being deprived and isolated are common and add to the inevitable failure.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to work in a small group of people who can support you through your weight loss journey, people who are also facing the same struggles and understand how tough it can be.
    Would you like to feel relaxed about you weight loss?
    Wouldn’t it be nice have a injection of self esteem at the start of your journey rather than waiting for one than might never come.
    Wouldn’t you like to take control of YOUR weight loss?

    The Becky Wells Weight Loss Programme is a 6 week course held in a 3 locations across Sussex and with different locations and class times you can fit this programme in to your already busy lives. Through a combination of Hypnotherapy and exercise advice Becky will give you the tools needed to take on this challenge and succeed in achieving a healthy life style with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and a raised level of confidence that will lead to realising your potential and becoming to you that you want to be.
    So start 2014 with a bang and wave hello to the new you.
    This 6 week programme involves a once a week meeting with Becky, these sessions will involve
    – Introduction to class
    – Tips, advice and new exercises to be completed at home
    – 40 minute hypnotherapy session
    – Questions and answers and support


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