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  • November 25, 2012 7:30 pm
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    Wedding & Event Planner

    Full Planning –
    No two weddings are the same so this service is completely bespoke, giving you the full planning service while you maintain ultimate control.
    The full wedding planning option is for couples who wish to have the full support and experience of a wedding planner. It takes on average 300 hours to plan a wedding which is why more couples these days are hiring wedding planners for their expert advice. A wedding is a costly affair and although employing a wedding planner can seem like an extra overhead, in the long run, it can help save you money through using their experience and knowledge of recommended local suppliers. This includes regular face to face meetings and unlimited contact via email and telephone.
    Priced from £1,000
    On the Day Co-ordination –
    Your wedding day is fast approaching and you may now be wondering who is going to manage the final details of your big day? That’s where I come in! I will be discreetly on hand throughout the day and evening to ensure that your day runs smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime occasion with your family and friends.
    I will ensure your venue is set the way you dreamed it would be, co-ordinate with your suppliers to ensure that there are no problems, that and they know when and where they should be, ensure every finer detail is right so that you enjoy your special day. In the event of a problem, I will be there to sort it for you. We will meet one month prior to your big day to run through all your requirements.
    Priced from £200
    Partial Planning –
    Partial planning can be tailored to your needs, you may not have the budget for full wedding planning, you may have started your wedding preparations but are now stuck with which suppliers to choose or you may not have the time to liaise with all your suppliers. Whatever the reason for you needing help, partial planning can be used at any stage of your wedding planning.
    I can help find you the perfect wedding venue, confirm and book the trusted and recommended suppliers as well as create a payment schedule so you have a timeline of when things need to be done.
    Whatever the support you require I can support you until you are ready to take over.
    Priced from £300
    Consultations –
    The fee is a set fee per session rather than an hourly rate. You can book individual sessions or they are usually booked in blocks as this will ensure that all aspects covered in a session can be put in place before another session/meeting to discuss further wedding aspects. However one session can be booked just to help you with the last little details or to set you off in the right direction.
    This is an option whereby you plan your wedding but with the reassurance that you can ask the expert how to create the day you want.
    The sessions can be held at a location suitable for you, your home, the wedding venue or a coffee shop. If required they can also be held via telephone for non-local Bride and Grooms or overseas clients.
    The sessions can also be with the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids or Best Men alone to discuss speeches or special surprises that may be planned.
    I am happy to discuss anything from general planning through to the finer details to ensure you get the wedding day of your dreams.
    1 – 4 sessions £45 per session
    5 – 7 sessions £40 per session
    8+ sessions £35 per session

    07801 417625

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