The Acupuncture Clinic

  • November 11, 2012 1:31 pm
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    The Acupuncture Clinic

    The Acupuncture Clinic

    Acupuncture is a coherent system of medicine that developed in China over the last 5000 years. Clinical experiences have been handed down through the generations to form what is practised today – an integration of traditional principles with modern knowledge.

    For whatever reason acupuncture treatment is sought, people often report general benefits. These include: coping better with stressful situations, feeling better in ourselves, having more energy, greater clarity of thought, sleeping better and feeling calmer.

    Treatment is focused on the whole person – not just the disease or discomfort – and so acupuncture can also benefit those who don’t have a labelled condition, but still feel unwell or just not quite right, physically or emotionally. A great range of issues can be addressed at the same time, with the relationship between them being a central part of treatment.

    In Chinese medicine, there is a wealth of knowledge accumulated over thousands of years, including dietary advice and lifestyle insights that can improve the quality of our health.

    Yin and Yang

    There is a strong connection between acupuncture and nature, particularly the way things flow from one extreme to the other, like night and day, winter and summer, and all the cycles of life. These opposites the Chinese called Yin and Yang, and they can be seen in all things. The balance of Yin and Yang in our bodies influences our experiences of the world – our health, emotions, and spirit.

    Five Elements

    The ancient Chinese also saw five “characters” in all things. The characters are named after the element in nature that they symbolise – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The expression of these 5 Elements within us affects our health and how we manage in the world. When these Elements are out of balance, acupuncture can restore them and better enable us to experience improved health.

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