TBS2 Sauna Brighton

  • December 8, 2012 5:38 pm
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    TBS2 Sauna Brighton

    With a friendly, warm welcome every visit. Free magazines, condoms and lube to take away with you, and a free paper bag if you need one, so you can take the magazines away discreetly. The reception is behind a frosted door, so you have total discretion once inside.

    Included in your entry fee is a free locker, which is big enough for most purposes. If you have a large bag, you can leave this safely in the office, just ask the staff. There are also coat hangers in the main locker area for large coats.

    The shower area, which is dimly lit, has four showers which are hot. We will soon be installing a cold shower, or a variable temperature shower for those who want to cool off a little. Hand and body liquid is provided in all the showers free of charge, as well as by all the sinks.

    Our large sauna holds about 12 people comfortably in various seating positions. A bucket and water are provided with eucalyptus essence. The temperature is regulated, and is just right.

    Powered with a professional Vapac steam generator, our steam room also has a eucalyptus feeder to keep the room smelling fresh at all times. The room is set to a very nice 43 degrees, with lots of steam. Made of a purpose-built shell, the steam room is always comfortable.

    Being the largest Jacuzzi for miles around, with steps on the outside and on the inside, as well as various depth seating, the Jacuzzi runs for 30 minutes at a time, and then rests for 15 minutes. The Jacuzzi is also chemically regulated automatically, to ensure the correct levels of chlorination and pH are maintained at all times. And the Jacuzzi is kept at a toasty 37 degrees throughout the day.

    The rest cabins all have ventilation, and the beds are padded, and just at the right height. They have been designed to maximize the space in each room, and every room is slightly different in layout, to give you variety. Bins are provided in every room, and free condoms, lube and paper hand towels are provided in the corridor.

    Our large video room now has a two-tier bed/seat, which is padded, and the back leans, to make it more comfortable. This is one of the most popular areas in the venue. The large screen TV randomly plays videos throughout the day.

    This is one of the more ‘fun’ rooms in the building. The sling is mounted on a large steel frame in the center of the room, so that others can gather round it. Simply lay on your back, and have some fun any way you like. There is also a sink in the room, and paper towels. The door can be locked from the inside for privacy.

    The Glory Hole Rooms are three stand-up cabins, with holes through each wall. It doesn’t matter which room you go in, they have been cleverly designed so that when someone goes in any of the other rooms, you have access to them. And if all three rooms are in use, you have access to the person in both rooms at the same time. The rooms are very dark, so as to create anonymity.

    The lounge area is one of the main focal points of the venue. Since we took over, it has been carpeted, and now has a much more appealing bar area with alcohol, soft drinks, food, a TV, two laptops with free internet access, free newspapers for you to read, and a dining table. Since taking the place over, this has become a very warm and friendly area, with people sitting down and chatting most days over a free cup of coffee of tea.

    We have a very powerful upright tanning booth, or sun shower. The unit has 40 tubes in it, and is very powerful. You can use the booth in 3 minute blocks (tokens), which are £2.00 each. We also provide free winkease eye protectors, and tanning gels are available for £1.50 each, to help you tan quicker, and nourish your skin while tanning.

    To the rear of the building, beyind the Jacuzzi on the ground floor, is an outdoor smoking area with seating for 4-6 people, and is a great place to sit and cool down as well. Surrounded by fencing, and not overlooked by any houses or offices, this is a great private place to smoke without having to get dressed. Something a lot of saunas can’t boast.

    84 Denmark Villas Hove East Sussex BN3 3TJ
    01273 723733

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