Original Winning E-Cig Kit £24.99

  • January 4, 2013 10:35 pm
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    Original Winning E-Cig Kit £24.99


    Original Winning E-Cig Kit

    The ‘Original’ Winning E-Cig Kit, enjoy our favourite, best selling and most cost effective electronic cigarette on the market. If you enjoy vaping you cannot go wrong with the Original E-Cig Kit, amazing value for money in comparison to others.


    One kit includes:

    • 2 Batteries,
    • FREE Med Tobacco Cartomizers,
    • 1 Portable Recharging Case that is ideal for recharging your e-cigs while on your travels.
    • 1 Wall Adapter,
    • 1 USB Cable Charger,
    • 1 Manual,
    • 1 Gift Box

    Electronic Cigarette Details:

    Length of this cigarette: 88mm
    Diameter: 8.8mm
    Weight of each cigarette: 10g
    E-liquid content of each cartomizer: 0.85g
    Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep: 250puffs
    Each cigarette equals traditional cigarette: 20pcs
    Battery capacity: 90mAh
    Standard working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
    Full battery can keep for: 100puffs
    Charge time: 1.5hours
    Life of battery: More than 300 times

    Portable Charger Case Details:

    PCC Volume: L56mm*W24mm*D94mm
    Weight of a single PCC: about 75g
    Battery capacity of PCC: 950mAh
    Battery Cycle Life: More than 300 times
    Charge time for PCC: About 4~5 hours
    Standard working voltage: 4.2-2.8V

    Website: www.vapour-trail.co.uk

    +44 7909 528 342

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