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Hey, Wake Up!

Hey, Wake Up! is a personal development and meditation course that takes place in a small group, one evening a week for five weeks. The course is for anyone wanting to find new depth, purpose and meaning in their lives – and have fun while doing it! Each week I’ll take you through a powerful process designed to awaken your highest self, rekindle your most innate qualities and passions, and find true direction in your life. You’ll also learn about meditation and how to make it highly effective as well as enjoyable. And you’ll get to experience Kirtan; a beautiful form of live music from India to enhance and deepen your experience.


Creating a new vision for your life

In this session you’ll map out the different areas of your life and begin to uncover your true desires for each. This process will evolve over time, sharpening your intentions and guiding your decisions as you gradually manifest your deepest desires.


Connecting with the real you

In this session you’ll begin to reconcile the relationship you have with yourself. You’ll learn to recognise your true nature and develop a deep bond with your most important friend and ally: your own self.


Healing important relationships

In this session you will learn to let go of one of the most self-destructive forces in life: resentment. Not only does resentment destroy relationships, it is a black cloud over your soul which must be cleared if you are to find true direction and fulfilment.


Uncovering your purpose

In this session you will begin to discover your true purpose in life. This knowledge may take time to fully acquire, but here you will begin the process which will eventually lead to discovery.


Finding inner guidance

In this session you will learn to connect with an inner wisdom and guidance. You will discover a source of great strength, intelligence and support within yourself and learn how to access it whenever you need direction.


Hey, Wake Up!

Course Title: Hey, Wake Up!

Website: www.heywakeup.com

Email: info@heywakeup.com

Phone: 07960 586 989

Time: 7pm – 9pm.

Date: Starts: Wednesday, 28th Feb. Is held every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks. Finishes: Wednesday, 28th March.

Price: £95

Venue: The Ocean Room, 20 Brunswick Terrace, Brighton, BN3 1HJ

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