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Find a Trusted Tradesman

Find a Trusted Tradesman

First annual membership subscription completely FREE for the first year. is a new trade directory setup by a tradesman offering tradesmen a place to advertise their services. Pro-Tradesmen will give you a professional web page displaying your company details, qualifications, trade memberships, public liability insurance, feedback comments and contact details. All tradesmen can add additional text and photo’s to really stand out.

Once your company details are added to our website, we will search engine optimize your web page. Your company web page will then be indexed by the main search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, meaning they will appear in online searches. will also be paying to run Google adwords campaigns so that we appear in search results for searches like (find a trusted tradesman, trusted tradesmen, etc. )

The best thing about is that it will not cost you a fortune to advertise on our website. Our annual subscription after your first FREE year is only £59.00 which works out at only £4.91 per month.

To get started, just click HERE to create an account and to add your company listing. Once your listing is added to our website, email us the details we need to complete your company listing.

  1. Trade memberships
  2. Company info ( Description, address, contact details, website, photos etc
  3. Limited Company No  ( If Applicable )
  4. VAT No if registered  ( If Applicable )
  5. Copy of Public Liability Insurance
  6. Copies of trade qualifications
  7. 3 Referees references with contact details
  8. Copy of drivers licence/passport to identify you
  9. Copy of utility bill to show you live/work from where you say you do

If you are not computer savvy, we can setup your company web page for you once we have all the information needed above. Once we have setup your web page, we will email you your login account details, username and password, you will then be able to update your web page when needed.

You will also be able to let previous customers know about your Pro-Tradesmen web page so they can leave a feedback comment.

Thankyou for taking your time to visit and we look forward to hearing from you and joining the Pro-Tradesmen family.

Find a Trusted Tradesman HERE

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