External Wall Insulation

  • January 22, 2014 12:48 pm
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    External Wall Insulation

    Losing heat and throwing your money away?
    Why should I bother, you may ask… the reason is to keep homes warm and cosy while wallets fuller – not stressing about a dreaded heating bill. Recent homes Energy Efficiency study showed that up to 35% of the heat is lost via walls that have not been insulated. It is estimated that there are almost 7 million homes in the UK with Solid Walls and no cavities and those ones are very hard to heat. EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION or INSULATED RENDER applied to those walls:
    1. Cut heat loss
    2. Stop condensation and damp
    3. Weather-proof the house
    4. Reduce ever increasing utilities cost
    5. Individual, diverse range of facades
    6. Tuned heat insulation (thickness as required)
    7. The heat insulation is on the outside, increasing the living space inside

    Please contact us for further information.
    T: 0800 033 7631
    F: 01273 371 222
    E: info@baumitinsulation.co.uk

    Trafalgar House 72a North Street BN41 1DG Brighton
    0800 033 7631

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