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  • February 21, 2013 12:49 pm



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    Brightonesque Business Group

    Online since 1999, Brightonesque Business Group has over 23 years of experience in the Business Services trade, and provides business coaching, sales marketing, event / talent promotion, web design/SEO and social media exposure and coaching to clients throughout the region. The partnership is based in Brighton, but services the greater South East including London.
    Enabling clients to gain as soon as possible, the group provides businesses and artist with a range of marketing and promotion. The team is well-experienced with business and sales coaching, clever marketing, website and social media strategies to get amazing, measurable exposure and traffic for your business or art–and as a not-for-profit enterprise, the very reasonable fees fit into anyone’s budget.

    With a team that includes 6-8 experienced partners, Brightonesque Business Group consists of specialists in sales training, business coaching, web design and optimisation, social media strategy, graphic and print design, photography and editing and event and talent promotion.

    It’s growing base has over 780,000 readers for the magazine and around 130,000 ‘followers and friends’ on the social networks… And growing because they trust us–and because the promotions are on a budget, any business/artist can have good website, SEO, essential promotion strategies like ‘exploding’ adverts, powerful social media strategies and business and sales coaching.
    The partnership is managed by Masi Alessandro who has been working in the Sales Promotions industry for many years. Having grown up in the family restaurant and worked for a broad range of sales, hospitality and retail businesses in several countries, Masi Alessandro is more than qualified to oversee the partnership.

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