Brighton Weather


Deciding when to visit Brighton depends on the type of trip being planned.

The winter months from November until March are obviously the coldest, but don’t necessarily equate to frigid temperatures.  Due to the fact that Brighton is a seaside city, average low temperatures during these months will only fall to the low 30s.  These temperatures are considered cold by some, but are by no means unbearable.  The winter months are also the rainiest. The warmest time of the year is during the summer months from June until September.  During the summer, the average high temperatures hover around the upper 60s to low 70s.  What this means is that no matter the time of year, Brighton is never a hot city.  For more detailed information, visit Brighton Weather .

Although the many theaters, museums and art galleries are open year round, the summer time provides great opportunities to attend great outdoor festivals.

For three weeks every May the Brighton Festival takes over the city.  With performance art, music of all sorts, theater and dance, this event is worth attending.  For more information visit Festival.

Another great event is the annual Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Lovers Festival.  This takes place during a single day at the beginning of every September.  For more information visit Food and Drink.

Here is the link to Brighton 10-day forecast