Brighton: Taxis & Rental Cars


The officially licensed Brighton and Hove taxis with White/Green colour scheme can be hailed in the street, or you can go to a taxi rank and wait in line.  There are many taxi ranks dotted around the city, the main ones are at Brighton Station, East Street, Churchill Square.  If the roof light is illuminated, the taxi is free, although they don’t always stop!  It is generally very easy to find a cab, exceptions to this are Friday and Saturday nights (7pm to midnight), and public holidays.

The fares are quite reasonable, and if there are 4 of you it can often be cheaper than getting the bus.

There are other taxi companies which are only permitted to pick you up if you have booked (from your home, place of work or hotel), and cannot be hailed in the street.  Numbers are in the Yellow Pages.

As the taxis are regulated by the council that there is no difference in price between different companies and they are all metered.