Brighton: Public Transportation

Bus Services

Brighton/Hove is very well served by an extensive bus network.  Nearly all local buses are operated by the Brighton and Hove Bus Company, and are recognisable by their red/cream colour scheme.  The buses are generally new and have ‘super clean’ engines with almost zero emissions. A number of the buses have local people on the side or famous names of past and present celebrities on the front.

Although there are many different fares available, with numerous weekly/monthly travel pass options, the two basic fares are £2.00 for a single journey on all daytime and evening Brighton and Hove buses within a good few miles of the city centre or £3.70 for unlimited travel all day (again, anywhere on all daytime and evening Brighton and Hove buses ). Flat fare for children of 90p.  Some bus services run a fairly frequent service through out the night with an increased fare of £2.20 per single. Just buy the ticket from the driver, and keep it safe as you may have to show it to  an inspector at any time.


The ‘official’ Brighton and Hove taxis with White/Green colour scheme can be hailed in the street, or you can go to a taxi rank and wait in line.  There are many taxi ranks dotted around the city, the main ones are at Brighton Station, East Street, Churchill Square.  If the roof light is illuminated, the taxi is free, although they don’t always stop!  It is generally very easy to find a cab, exceptions to this are Friday and Saturday nights (7pm to midnight), and public holidays.

The fares are quite reasonable, and if there are 4 of you it can often be cheaper than getting the bus.

There are other taxi companies which are only permitted to pick you up if you have booked (from your home, place of work or hotel), and cannot be hailed in the street.  Numbers are in the Yellow Pages.

Volks Railway

The oldest electric railway in the UK (and it shows!) operates between Brighton Pier and Brighton Marina.  It only operates between March and October.  As well as a practical way of getting to the Marina, it is also a bit of a tourist attraction, and the wait can be long in summer.