On Board Courier Service

On Board Courier Service

On Board Courier Service

The ultimate hand-carry service for critical deliveries.

P & J Couriers Ltd - On board Courier ServiceP & J Couriers Ltd offers a professional on board courier service (hand-carry service) which involves one of our experienced couriers accompanying a time critical consignment from personal collection to personal delivery. Our AOG department will arrange for all of the logistical requirements, this will include our courier taking absolute responsibility and security of the consignment in order to achieve that the required delivery deadline is always met.

P & J Couriers Ltd - On Board Courier ServiceP & J Couriers Ltd can arrange for 1st or Next Flight Out Service. We will arrange for collection of the component, ticketing for travel, onward car hire if required – in fact, anything and everything we can do to make sure your consignment is delivered to the correct destination in order to meet your deadlines.

When each hour’s delay can mean lost revenue or additional cost for your customers, you can rely on P & J Couriers Ltd to resolve your emergency AOG needs with our on board courier service.

For more information about our services Tel: +44 (0) 7975 755 739 Email: info@pjc.aero

September 21, 2013


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