9 ft Exotic Garden Tree - Cornish Palm - Cordyline Australis / Torbay Palm / Cabbage Tree

  • January 7, 2014 10:00 pm
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    9 ft Exotic Garden Tree - Cornish Palm - Cordyline Australis / Torbay Palm / Cabbage Tree

    Evergreen & hardy palm tree – easy to maintain
    Very healthy condition
    Straight & vertical single stem
    2 ft clod with white roots
    Mature tree from protected and well kept garden
    Free of rot and woodworm
    From pet free home/garden
    2 minor damages on stem
    Weight aprox. 70 – 80 kg
    Stored in large plastic bag with 25 LTR John Innes compost
    Can grow up to 20 feet
    *** I have 2 similar items – see my other listing soon or drop me an email ***
    Buy now and enjoy this exotic tree in the spring-time! Price £275 o.n.o.

    Cordyline Australis, originally from New Zealand, can be grown in the UK in any garden soil and appreciates some compost added. They will grow well in full sun, and in partly shaded places. It stands drought well, but prefers added water in warm weather. It will survive -9ºC but the trunk itself might die at lower temperatures. Next year it will then regrow multi-trunked out of the rootstock. Please avoid cold wet roots, or a cold damp head.

    Insider tip found on internet forum to grow a large tree through the winter:
    “During November wrap the trunk with fleece which keeps the trunk frost free and stops the cold and damp entering the trunk. When heavy snow or frost is forecast, shack the tree from the trunk which will allow air movement” – J. Oakley

    This evergreen palm tree tolerates salty winds and spray, making it an ideal plant for seaside gardens. It brings an exotic feel to the landscape with its narrow leaves. Scented flowers appear in the (late) summer months.


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